The Science of Wastewater was part of a video piece meant to be used as a companion piece to the printed guidebook. The guidebook was used to conduct classroom experiments based on the three stages of filtration performed on water before making it safe for human consumption. 
The opening was based both the original branding on the cover, and an image of a filter inside the guidebook.
This is a previous design concept of the opening.
This is the main lower 3rd made for the program. Other lower 3rds were made with segments of scanned graphs from the guidebook.
This is a chart that was scanned from the guidebook and turned into an animated graphic. I copied the file and masked out the rows of information in order animate the pieces separately. I also added a white background behind the chart. 
Another animated chart was created using a similar layout. In order to create a row that was similar to the original graphic, I added a radial blur and grain to the blue colored bar.
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