Cities on Celluloid is a course within the Georgetown University's Bachelor of Liberal Studies program. As the acting Lead Visual Designer for this project, I was responsible for designing the main course image, research for images and video clips, editing video, and adding text highlights.
The main course image shown above, is a combination of two stills from Ghost In The Shell, and Man With A Movie Camera, both of which are discussed in the course.
In addition to being a film course, Cities on Celluloid discusses the concept of City Symphonies, or portraying a city as a character in film, rather than as the setting. Cities from all over the world are discussed including Mumbai, Paris, New York, London, and Beijing. These cities rich histories and how they have influenced the movies filmed within them are discussed in great detail within the video lectures. The course also discusses how both the films and their locations intersect with issues concerning colonialism, globalization, and racial inequality.
The history of New York.
La Haine (Hate) directed by Mathieu Kassovitz in 1995 and takes place in Paris.
The World directed by Jia Zhangke from 2004 and takes place in Beijing.
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